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Copyright Policy


Image Ownership

All image rights are reserved to Dominic Burdon, the photographer of all images that are sold by Traveled Walls. All photos on this website are copyrighted and must not be copied, published, or used in any other way without the explicit permission from the photographer. To purchase individual image rights, please contact Traveled Walls. Purchasing any art product grants you the rights to solely that or those physical product(s) only. You have the right to display your image in any way that does not infringe on the photographer's rights (eg. displaying the product publicly without acknowledging, but does not grant you or any other person permission to copy the image(s) for the purpose of re-distribution, sale, or public display. Copying an image from this website is forbidden, but sharing on social media is allowed, provided Traveled Walls or the photographer are clearly acknowledged with the image(s) shared.


Traveled Walls

Traveled Walls reserves the right to sell images from the photographer in all formats displayed and offered by this site.


The Purchaser

By purchasing art from Traveled Walls you are thereby the sole owner of the physical product but not the image. This means that you do not have the right to copy the image(s) for the purpose of re-distribution, sale, or public display. Publicly displaying your product in a gallery or similar location for the purpose of profit is not allowed as this involves profiting from the actual image. Purchasers are encouraged to credit the photographer or Traveled Walls as image owners if displaying their product(s) publicly for non-profit purposes.


Contacting Traveled Walls

If you have any questions regarding our copyright policy, please contact us at traveledwalls@gmail.com.