Traveled Walls Reviews

Traveled Walls sells a variety of different products. Our buyers often write reviews about their purchases. Listed below are some randomly selected orders from both our USA and UK feedback. Sometimes, the product manufacturers and couriers we use may make mistakes and products may have defects, so all products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


"I've never been to Korea but when I saw this I had to have it. Really pleased!"


Tim Bolt

Bristol, UK



Brad James

New York, USA

"I'm really impressed by the frame. They use an American company called Framebridge who do a good job. Solid frame with real wood and awesome image quality. Recommended!"

Brad James

New York, USA

"I absolutely love it! You can almost smell the lavender from the picture."

Mary Garcia

Oklahoma, USA

"This was a gift. I've never heard of this company before but will definitely use you when I need more pictures in the future. This desert is surreal."

Derek Smith

Boise, USA

"Fantastic! I've been to this waterfall but my photos of it were bad. Now that I've tried out the company, I can buy some more magnetic prints for the frame. Thanks."

Jessica Adams

New York, USA

"Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!"

Sally Green

San Francisco, USA

"I've never seen the Taj Mahal captured so cleanly without people. I wish they had this in a larger size, but I'm really thrilled with the quality of the print."

Peter Brown

Manchester, UK

"I love this picture. The whites of the church on the metal sheet are brilliant. It took the full 14 days to get delivered but it was worth it."

Martin Hopper

Albany, USA

"Been there! I got the largest size and it makes my bedroom wall like a window into Venice. Lovely!"

Gillian Matthews

Tampa, USA

"My husband got me this to remind me of our trip to Japan. I love it!"

Julie Sanders

West Palm Beach, USA

"Solid frame. Thanks."

Karen Fox

Syracuse, USA

"Wow, this turned out wonderful with the black frame!"

Karen Fox

Syracuse, USA

"So much color! The canvas is good quality and was delivered quickly."

Bobby Post

Chicago, USA

"We got engaged here! The colors are exactly as I remember them - such a special place. Thanks so much."

Susan Rivers

Spokane, USA

"Classic America. I will order more of these soon. Thank you"

Osiel Aguilera

Santa Barbara, USA


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